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The Future and Rezoning

Want to know more about 100 Mile Horsepower Ranch and the owners? Go read the About Us page.


On this page you will find all the details of our rezoning application. If you are local to the area and like what we are doing please take a moment to email us a support letter. 

The land 100 Mile Horsepower Ranch is situated on is 150 acres in total. It is not in ALR and it’s a mixture of grassy areas, treed sections and hill side.


Its currently zoned as Resource/ Agricultural (RA1) zone. We would like to rezone 68 acres of the property to Tourist Commercial (C2) zone. The new zoning would allow us to have the camping onsite and would help us move forward with developing the venue. We have had a Temporary Use Permit and had two very positive and successful events in 2022. We would like to get permanent rezoning now so we can continue developing and building our dream.

Unfortunately there is still old rumors floating around about us redirecting a creek. All the info on that is here:

Proposed Use of subject property:

 We are looking to rezone 68 acres of the 150 acres to create a motorsports venue, seasonal campground and recreational facility. The proposal involves several recreational and outdoor uses that will have many benefits.

Details on Uses

Mud racing/ Motorsports Events

We would like to host 2 or 3 motorsports events a year. Our big focus is hosting family friendly mud racing events. These events are run in a professional manner with strict rules, safety regulations and detailed procedures. We would also like to hold a winter event with snowmobiles, truck drag racing and possibly a course.

Safe and Responsible Off Road Training Site

The Four Wheel Drive Association of BC has expressed interest in using the property to host their Wheeler Wise training. These courses teach students how to wheel safely, how to maneuver different terrain and how to safely recover your vehicle if stuck.

Other Proposed Uses

  • Seasonal camping, with limited use. To be used during event weekends and a few other select weekends a year.

  • Private events such as weddings, family reunions and other gatherings.

  • Other community related uses such as safety training, club gatherings, and family friendly get-togethers. 


Current Facility Features and Works in Progress

  • Campsites, some of which are in the treed areas and others in the grass field.

  • Large parking lot.

  • A concession zone for food trucks and spectators with covered areas and picnic tables.

  • Announcer tower and stage for live entertainment.

  • A network of trails for off-roading, UTVing, quadding and dirt biking.

  • Designated mud racing areas.

  • One of the best Top Fuel Pro Pits (dirt drag racing track) in Canada with the potential to bring more world class blown alcohol race vehicles out.

  • A freestyle arena for mega truck racing and other shows.

  • Private facility owned ambulance onsite with minimum level 3 first aid attendants.

  • Satellite phone onsite in case of any emergencies.  

  • Handicap parking with accessibility.

  • Outhouses onsite at every event.

  • Garbage and recycling cans conveniently setup for easy cleanup and garbage disposal bin at each event.

  • Spill kits and Contaminated Soil disposal tote for any oil leaks or spills.

  • Detailed Emergency Response plan, Safety Procedures, Rules and Regulations and Protocols.

  • Bleachers for spectators to watch the events.

  • Halftime shows, live entertainment, free posters and stickers, and driver meet and greet with poster signing.

  • Racing for all ages and levels, from street legal 4x4 trucks, to kids’ junior racer class with little motorized carts, to blown alcohol rails and mega trucks.

Reasons to support application:

  • Provides a big economic benefit to the area

    • Events have brought people from all over BC, Alberta and further to attend.

    • Attendees spend money in the community on fuel, ice, drinks and groceries.

    • Racers who break vehicles go to local auto parts stores for parts.

    • Development of the facility requires so many local recourses such as equipment, fuel, lumber, gravel, parts, and so much more.

    • Local vendors use the events as advertising opportunities.

    • Food trucks participate in events supplying services to the attendees

    • Outhouse rentals and services are acquired from local companies.


  • With the site already gaining popularity across BC in the offroad racing community. The venue has quickly become a favorite among racers for the quality of racing the facility provides.

  • Has the potential to become an iconic tourist destination.

  • Provides off-roaders a safe, controlled environment to offroad.

  • Encourages responsible wheeling instead of damaging protected areas.

  • Fun family friendly entertainment for all ages. Our previous events saw people of all ages.

  • Provides a great outlet to get involved with, not only for adults but kids too. Hopefully introducing youth and young adults to a new hobby/passion that can potentially keep them busy and out of trouble. The off-road racing community is very supportive and loves helping new racers get involved.

  • Another benefit is the indispensable skills you can learn being involved with motorsport hobbies. Attending events could inspire a career path in the automotive mechanic industry or fabrication industry. Many race trucks are custom built and are very unique. Many racers or their pit crew have welding, fabricating or mechanical knowledge.

  • Could provide a few jobs in the future such as Caretaker, Admissions, Security or other grounds and event staff.

  • The 100 Mile Horsepower Ranch is very community oriented and makes a point of supporting the community. In the past we have contributed to the local fire relief, the food bank and donated a truck to the high school. We plan to continue our efforts and grow our community outreach efforts.

  • We would love to work with other community groups and sports teams. Create a volunteer program where they help out at our events and we donate to their cause.

  • Students have the option to volunteer at events to collect work experience hours. 

  • The property is off grid and provides a much needed opportunity to disconnect from day-to-day stresses and technology. People are more present and take in the beauty of the location and the excitement of the event. 

Previous Concerns We Found Solutions for in 2022

All future Events will continue to enforce and use these solutions even after permanent zoning. We pride ourselves in establishing a high-quality facility that has a first-class reputation.

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