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Setting Old Rumor's Straight

We purchased the property in 2017 and couldn't return to the place until early spring 2018 due to the wildfires. We didn't know a lot about the land, a lot of areas were very overgrown, driveway in needed clearing and ditches were full of debris. No one lived on the property prior to us buying it and it had been left untouched for quiet sometime.


In light of the 2019 public hearing and old rumor's still floating around we would like to set the record straight. There unfortunately seems to be some misinformation still circulating. We never diverted any creeks. At the entrance to the property is a culvert that’s on crownland and has been un-maintained for many years. Over many years material and debris has washed down and built up.


In April of 2018 upon our first trip to the property since purchasing it. Overnight we saw a sudden melt that caused a lot of runoff and a high flow event. During that runoff the culvert became completely blocked and being new owners to the property we had no idea the culvert was even there. Due to the blockage the water breached over the road flooding out into several directions. It created a new path and once the water subsided a month or two later we built a small berm along the road to prevent people from driving into the creek.

April 26th, 2018 Flooding

During site visits by the Biologists inspecting the property it was then shared with us that the culvert needed to be fixed or replaced but that we weren’t allowed to do so until we acquired a the correct permit. The process to acquire that permit started in May 2019 and we didn't receive the approval and paperwork until early October. We had to hire an environmental professional to not only create a Management Plan to fix the culvert but we then had to have him onsite to oversee the process.

April 26th, 2018 Flooding Showing where Culvert was and October 2019 Repairs Under Supervision of Environmental Engineer

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