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About Us and how 100 Mile Horsepower Ranch started

My name is Leanna Davies and my husband is Dave Davies, we are the owners of 100 Mile Horsepower Ranch. For those who don’t know us and what the ranch is, I’d like to take this opportunity to explain.

My husband and I are both motorsports enthusiasts and share a love for the outdoors. Our children are a big part of the ranch and we are now sharing the love of off roading and the outdoors with them. We both grew up exploring the backwoods in our 4x4 trucks and learning about safe, responsible wheeling. That passion evolved into off road racing at organized events around BC. We enjoyed attending these events so much and seeing the enjoyment it brings to others it became our dream to build our own.

The property of 100 Mile Horsepower Ranch has so much potential, it’s been sitting untouched for so long. We were excited at the idea of developing it into something useable again. Our vision is to build a place for off road racing, camping and other recreational activities. We would like to host 1 or 2 motorsports events each year, including a Northwest Mud Racing Association sanctioned race. Overtime we plan to slowly develop the property and build a campground. Our goal long term is to build 100 Mile Horsepower Ranch into a family friendly, multi purpose facility that encourages safe, responsible and respectful ATVing, 4x4ing and off road racing.


The events and recreational facility we want to build could provide huge economic benefits to the surrounding area and the community of 100 Mile House. Last year our event saw attendees travel from all over BC and some from other provinces. We hope to be given the opportunity to build our dream and become a permanent staple within the community.

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