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 Lawnmower Racing

Lawnmower Racing Rules and Regulations

*Currently just for fun, no Mod classes at this time




  • Drivers must be 16 years of age and up.

  • All drivers must sign a waiver and wear a wristband.

  • Every driver must wear a helmet, must be a full face helmet such as a dirt bike helmet.

  • Every driver must wear pants, a long-sleeved shirt, gloves and proper shoes on the track.

  • It is MANDATORY that all drivers wear a donut or dirt bike style neck support.

  • Chest protects are recommended but not mandatory.




  • Mowers can be self-propelled rotary or reel style riding lawn mowers.

  • The mower must originally have been designed and sold commercially to mow lawns.

  • It must remain suitable for lawn cutting apart from the CUTTING BLADES MUST BE REMOVED COMPLETELY FROM ALL MOWERS. Can remove entire cutting deck.

  • All mowers must be equipped with an engine safety cut-off switch or a working ignition with key.

  • Mower brakes must be in good condition, working adequately to stop mower.

  • Fuel must be pump gas. The only additive allowed is Fuel Stabilizer.


Tech Inspection


  • Every mower must pass a Tech inspection.

  • Drivers must show their personal safety equipment at Technical Inspection

  • Mower must be complete with hood, seat and side steps.


Racing Regulations


  • Drivers must follow all flags. Green means Go, Yellow means caution, white means final lap and checkered means finish.

  • If a driver leaves the course, he/she must re-enter the course as close as possible to the same point the mower left the marked track. The driver may not re-enter further down the track.

  • If a mower stalls on the course, the driver’s first responsibility is to move the mower to a safe position at least 10 feet off the course. All other drivers must proceed with caution until mower is off the track.

  • Unsafe on/off-track driving practices may result in disqualification.

  • All drivers must attend the Drivers’ Meeting.

  • Start grid will be decided at meeting, by random draw.

  • Starting grid options include:

    • Random name draw

    • Land rush start

    • Sprinting start



All rules and regulations not listed above are to the organizers discretion.

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