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FAQ- Important Please read

When do gates open?


Friday gates open at 10am for racers/ participants and camping.

Saturday and Sunday gates will be open 8am for racers/ participants and camping.


For Events: Spectator gate opens at 11am on Saturday
Sunday they open at 10am.


Why can’t I drive out to 100 Mile Horsepower Ranch if its after 10:30pm?


Gates close each night at 11pm, no traveling to and from the ranch after 11pm unless there is an emergency. We ask attendees to respect our wishes as we had several requests from the neighbors that live near the road. Trailers are fairly noisy on the gravel road especially when they are bouncing around in potholes. So please stay in town, at a hotel, rest stop or truck stop if you cannot make it out to the ranch before 11pm on Friday. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to travel between 100 Mile House and the ranch so please time your travel accordingly. No one is to park or camp out on the road or entranceway of the ranch. Our temporary permit could be canceled and we will loose this venue.


What do I need to know about traveling to an event at 10 Mile Horsepower Ranch?


We would like to ask everyone traveling to the ranch events to drive with the utmost care. Follow the rules of the road. Watch for livestock on the roads to the ranch.


We will have zero tolerance for any kind of reckless driving, speeding, disrespectful behavior or driving under the influence when it comes to the public traveling to and from the ranch. If you are caught or someone reports your behavior to us you will be banned from future events at the ranch. We are on a temporary permit and we need to set an example and leave a positive impression on the community. That means anytime you travel between 100 Mile House and the ranch please drive with the utmost respect.


Police will potentially be doing road side checks and monitoring the road for anyone speeding.


Is there cell service or Wifi available?


Unfortunately, there is no cell phone service at this track. Cell service is available at Forest Grove (30 min away) so please be prepared for this. We have a satellite phone for medical emergencies only.


Are pets allowed?


Racers/ participants can bring their dog or pet but they must be kept on a leash at all times. You must clean up after your pet and make sure they are in a safe, cool, secure spot while events left in your campsite.


For Spectator related events: Spectators please NO Dogs or pets. We ask you leave them at home, so they don’t have to endure the heat or loud noises.


I’m a smoker, where can I smoke?


Smokers please smoke away from other spectators, and don’t leave your cigarette butts on the ground. Dispose of them properly, we can’t afford any fires to be started. This race site is also a field that grazes animals so it must be clean. This includes on the roads, absolutely no throwing cigarettes out the window. Let’s all work together and prevent forest fires!


Can I have a fire at my site?


NO CAMPFIRES, only propane fire pits. Saturday evening there will be a central fire for anyone to attend.


What do I do with my garbage?


There will be garbage cans and recycle bins spread out on the grounds. Please dispose of all garbage in the cans or pack out what you packed in. Animals do graze onsite or we have the field hayed so please pick up any garbage you see.


I’m a spectator, can I camp at the events?


We would like to try and reserve camping for racers, their pit crew and volunteers but if you are a spectator and would prefer to camp on-site it will be:
For Mud racing events: $35 per person for weekend pit passes and a camping fee $60/RV or vehicle.


I am a racer what do I need to know about racing?


Please make sure you have the proper safety gear in order to race. Go to the NWMRA website to see the rules and regulations. Each class requires different levels of safety gear. Please read carefully and come properly prepared.

I want to participant in the Gambler 500, what do I need to know?


Please make sure you have the proper safety gear if you plan to participant in any of the extra activities planned for at the ranch. For all other questions and information see the Gambler 500 BC Group and Page on Facebook.

My truck is leaking oil what do I do?

We have spill kits onsite and a contaminated soil disposal tote. Please see a track official or Horsepower Ranch official and they will assist you. 

I am staying in a tent, will there be washrooms?

There will be several outhouses on site in a bunch of different locations around the property. 

Is there anything I can do to help after a race or event weekend is over?

Having everyone watch for and pickup any garbage seen on the road to the ranch is one way you can help. Let's leave the road cleaner then it was before the weekend. We also ask anyone traveling to and from the ranch over the course of the weekend to do the same thing, watch for and pick up any roadside garbage.

Why are you building the ranch?

Providing people a place like the ranch gives people a safe family friendly environment to experience off road racing. It actually reduces the impact on the environment because we are doing it in a controlled setting and encourage people to off road responsibly. Having classes for a variety of levels from full competition spec trucks to street legal trucks, we give everyone the opportunity to come join in on the fun, including children.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

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